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toolboxOutsourcing to relieve the operating structure

Many companies nowadays outsource customer service. So there Kasel iT particularly small companies the opportunity to serve your customer base without having to constantly worry about excess capacity should be.

Contact us for an individual service plan to create for you.



Your computer is maintenance intensive and looking for a fast, competent and above all inexpensive help?

Kasel iT offers you an iT professional who takes care of all problems and is flexible!

You are looking for an computer concierge for your computing system?

They are struggling with grief to many different contacts with your iT problems?


Then you can test the computer concierge service from:



Because iT can be only one.

Do you have a problem with your computer?

  • Server        apply f2
  • Workplace apply f2
  • Home PC apply f2

Need help fast?

Dusty air in your office?


Scratchy throat?

Help yourself with the new filter for radiators from the program CLEAN OFFICE. The next heating season is upon us. Especially in offices, there are a lot of movement, whereby existing dust, some ultra - fine swirled will. Due to the natural circulation of air through the radiator of this warm dust is distributed throughout the office.

Make use of the thermal heating for your dust filtration!

computerWrite to an important work, or are generally mandatory dependence on your PC and suddenly refused the work unit?

Then call immediately!

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