Dusty air in your office?


Scratchy throat?

Help yourself with the new filter for radiators from the program CLEAN OFFICE. The next heating season is upon us. Especially in offices, there are a lot of movement, whereby existing dust, some ultra - fine swirled will. Due to the natural circulation of air through the radiator of this warm dust is distributed throughout the office.

Make use of the thermal heating for your dust filtration!


The porous CLEAN OFFICE filter for radiators is electrostatically charged and provides an unobstructed air circulation. At the same time, however, it filters the fine particles present in the air depending on the size to 90% (!) From the air, as the independent testing and certification company SLG found in experiments.

Rückhalterate für Staubfilter. Cleanoffice für Heizkoerper


The filters have a size of 300 x 100 x 10 mm and are easily cut to size. 3 piece side by side to cover the open area of ​​a standard - 2 - from radiator panels. Radiator of this size can be mounted to about 80%. Larger radiators can with the help of a second package to be covered.



The filters keep dust, depending on the load between three months and a complete heating season. The need to change, recognize the significant gray discoloration of the filter top.

cleanoffice heizungsfilter vergleich neu und gebrauch


New and used filters