Clean Office CarbonOzone-free office space with particulate filters

Due to an increasing number of electronic devices, modern offices are often shrouded in a cloud of ozone and particulate matter, and not only endanger the health of people with allergies but also all other employees.

Kasel iT Clean Office and provide a solution to this problem: the ozone and fine dust filter for laser printers. A single handle and all the harmful particles are filtered and the air will improve noticeably.

Which office staff does not know that? Near the printer and copier there an uncomfortably bad air that you would like to put this out or want to outsource all jobs to foreign companies. In modern computing and IT offices, this is a problem can not be underestimated become. Both employers and workers feel increasingly uncomfortable in their workplace and thereby reduce not only their productivity but also endanger their health. Kasel iT Clean Office and act contrary to this and offers a unique ozone and particulate filters. This is easily fixed in front of the vent opening of the electronic device and then filtered out both ozone, benzene, toluene, VOCs and odors, using a patented filter media with electrostatically charged honeycomb structure plus an additional layer of activated charcoal. In addition, disturbing noises filtered and therefore reduce the level of air pollution and the general background noise. Independent tests have shown that ozone depletion efficiency is approximately 95%. (Test lab - "fiatec - Filter & Aerosol Technologie GmbH"). It also confirmed the TÜV-Nord, that the printer's performance and function is impaired in any way and do not overheat the electronic device by way of free flow of air through the electrostatic material can. Further confirmed by different technicians, the air exits the printer through our filtering effect is even cleaner than the incoming flows. It was the Carbon Clean Office also receive several awards, including the ECARF seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research. A particulate filter-test of the printer-related website named the Clean Office particulate filter even at the price-performance winner in the test multiple filters. Get this for the following laser printer brands Feinstaubilter, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Kyocera (Mita), Lexmark, OKI, Samsung, Sharp, Triumph Adler, Xero. Depending on the pressure load, the duration of the filter 6-12 months. If your printer may be represented, our chasuble iT service technicians will find an individual solution for you, so that your office can work stress free. For more information, and the Clean Office particulate filter is available from us. Sign up.

  • Hygienic particulate matter and ozone filter for printers
  • Electrostatic filter media with honeycomb structure
  • Will not affect printer performance and durability
  • ECARF seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research