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Dusty air in your office?


Scratchy throat?

Help yourself with the new filter for radiators from the program CLEAN OFFICE. The next heating season is upon us. Especially in offices, there are a lot of movement, whereby existing dust, some ultra - fine swirled will. Due to the natural circulation of air through the radiator of this warm dust is distributed throughout the office.

Make use of the thermal heating for your dust filtration!

GPS CarMagic

Logbooks of your vehicles via GPS.

Many companies and individuals want a simple system for recording electronic logbooks for their vehicle.
Fully automatic and timely data transfer to the computer not only allow individual choice, but also meet the latest demands of the German Tax Office.




New: Clean Office now with Timestrip ® - usage indicator label


Clean Office CarbonOzone-free office space with particulate filters

Due to an increasing number of electronic devices, modern offices are often shrouded in a cloud of ozone and particulate matter, and not only endanger the health of people with allergies but also all other employees.

Kasel iT Clean Office and provide a solution to this problem: the ozone and fine dust filter for laser printers. A single handle and all the harmful particles are filtered and the air will improve noticeably.

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