Kasel iT provides iT - Security in space Eifelkreis

Kasel iT is a participant of the national iT-Security Action With this key action will be small and medium enterprises iT security measures prescribed informed

Kasel iT provides business and residential customers a comprehensive iT - Services available to clients in the room and Bitburg, Trier offers but also in Luxembourg and the Saarland, a diverse range of services in iT - to the area. His motto is "They are suffering through their contact with various iT - struggling to problems." Then you should use the iT - test concierge service by Thorsten chasuble.


Focus is iT - Security

From these services can benefit small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Experience has shown that it should be noted that security is increasingly neglected in many companies. Often it requires only a system failure to recall the immense importance of the iT awareness of those involved. A complete data loss can lead to this inability to act of a company. Existentially important areas such as production, logistics and accounting come to a standstill, customers and staff can not be undone.

Complete service for businesses

To iT - problems do not even offer to give rise Thorsten Kasel its services and will be the site of an internal iT - specialists. However, a lot cheaper and always demand-oriented. After consultation with the customer, the company offers iT - Complete - of service. This includes a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, extended warranties and information security measures. The company carries out repairs, iT brings up to date and ensures that internal data against viruses and other intruders are consistently protected.

Green - iT

Under the motto "Green - iT" cares about the health of his chasuble Thorsten customers. Printers, copiers and fax machines circulate air around the office. As a result of harmful particulates in the environment is substantially increased. By attaching a suitable filter and regular cleanings reduces the specialist this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%.

Free - Hotspot

In regions with tourism, the subject of "Free Internet" is becoming increasingly important. Hotels, campsites, but also other institutions must be able to offer internet access. Thorsten Kasel targeted so-called free - a hotspot. These are the hot - spot users are always free and open to the hotspot - cost operators.


In addition to the iT - security, communication is another focus. This is modern, digital telephony, Voice over IP via Skype to full-blown programmable telephone system for hotels and businesses.

In summary, Kasel iT: fast and comprehensive help to moderate prices and a variety of services and trainings.