IT support for businesses in the area of Bitburg, Trier, Luxembourg and the Saarland by the person by Thorsten Kasel Kasel iT managed companies. Their services range from computer support and network administration to iT security and efficiency consulting.

A perfectly functioning iT is everywhere nowadays basis for business success. For this reason, an individual Kasel iT and fast service to the technical infrastructure of your company to build, optimize and or maintain. So that you can offer your customers more productive and efficient working a perfect service. Small and medium-sized companies without their own iT department will benefit from our experience. We provide you with our qualified service technicians all the benefits of a service outsourcing model is available, which can otherwise enjoy only big companies with expensive iT departments own. We always work for a customer-oriented philosophy and stand for time and job-related flexibility. We do not dine with help from a distance but to take care on the ground to your problem.
Our services include both consulting, planning, installation, sales, maintenance and repair of telephone systems, iT networks, iT systems, PCs, servers and notebooks. We work openly and brand are familiar with all available operating systems and all relevant software and hardware.
The dependence on functioning information systems now forcing every company to avoid incidents and prevent its systems by qualified management. This provides not only a pure Kasel iT problem analysis, diagnosis and resolution, but also advises and supports you in planning your iT systems, including network administration and help you with installation and maintenance. Whether new installation or during operation. In the case of a foreign purchase, we will advise you so you can find the best solution for your needs. We make sure that your systems are scanned daily for pests, and important data are stored on external media for safety. In addition, we check every system on the date of the driver, as conflicts occur frequently due to incorrect or outdated software and can be avoided so easily. Also, the cleaning and inspection protocol we care for you and provide according to your individual needs a plan to monitor and maintain your system and your data. Furthermore, we advise you how you can make your business more profitable by giving you advice on how to cut costs and insurance of your iT infrastructure.
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• Installation, maintenance and repair of your computer systems
• iT security, data recovery and system logs
• Problem analysis - Diagnosis - Solution
• Virus removal